The simple officechair, the main frame is made of electroplating or stainless steel, which not only allows the chair to have super bearing capacity, but also makes the chair suitable for various areas. It is not only a conference chair, but also a meeting chair in front of the desk. It is also one of the matching partners of study furniture. By changing the color of the leather, different effects can be achieved, and the role of the chair can be maximized.

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB/EXW

Delivery port:Any port in China

H859 OFFICE CHAIR W580*D620*H970mm  black leather
Walnut molding board
Aluminum alloy foot

A comfortable office space can not do without a suitable office chair. The choice of chair can be matched according to the decoration style of the space or personal preference. A suitable chair can not only provide strong support for your work, relieve the fatigue of work, but also highlight your personal taste in the workplace

  • Simple and streamlined shape design,elegant and fashionable,with high quality leather dirt,resistant and easy to be cleane

  • ergonomic backrest,high-density sponge filling to provide you with you a comfortable seat feelin

  • Any color,Hardware Accessories even the armrest can be customized to match the complete furniture