The living room furniture is the main facade of the home and an important part of leaving a good impression to the guests. The color and shape of the furniture match perfectly to make your home more comfortable and make your temperament more noble.

  • Italian fashion home style, bring you a warm and comfortable experience, noble is not simple

  • Customize design,Italian and Nordic design is available .

  • No matter which style furniture you need,you can buy it from Rirong .


To chose bedroom furniture and fit into your space.The bedroom is one of the must-have needs in the existing family life. It is a room in which occupants sleep, rest or move. Bedrooms are also called bedrooms and bedrooms, and are divided into a master bedroom and a second bedroom. The master bedroom usually refers to the largest and best decorated living space (inactive space) in a family place.

  • The furniture and the entire bedroom do not have any eye-catching colors. White, wood, and coffee complement each other

  • The main tone is white, with light green and blue gray furniture. The quiet atmosphere created by the light color calms the bored mood.

  • Whether it is simple decoration style, Chinese style simplicity, or pastoral style furniture, we have them !


The conference table. The meeting room is a space for the elites from all walks of life to carry out brainstorming. Each collision of different ideas will produce new ideas to promote the development of the company's business. No matter the office environment or the choice of furniture, we are willing to be your help on the way to success. Choosing rirong furniture is choosing a good partner.

  • Selected black saddle leather pressed white wire, brushed stainless steel high temperature wear-resistant, sturdy

  • unique rose gold stainless steel mirror design, classic and elegant, the center of the table uses natural black open lacquer wood grain

  • no matter what size and color,even the outlet you need,we can customize it for you .


The study room furniture, also known as the family studio, is used as a space for reading, writing, and spare time learning, research, and work. In particular, it is a necessary activity space for cultural, educational, scientific, and artistic workers. The study is a place where people return to the office environment after finishing a day's work. Therefore, it is both an extension of the office and a part of family life

  • Nordic style, give a person with concentration concise, but loose keynote

  • With soft warm gray, with wood grain, lattice grain, depict visual, tactile texture

  • The table, chair and room are integrated together, with green plants, symbolizing the unity of nature and man in China.


The apartment furniture, After finishing the heavy work, you need a space that can make you relax completely. You can fully play your concept of home according to your own ideas. In the selection of furniture, rirong can act as your guide light, choose the furniture suitable for you, and create a comfortable and personalized apartment environment for you.

  • Hotel apartment furniture, private furniture can be customized

  • Smart and conventional furniture can be freely matched

  • A variety of stylish, simple and light luxury furniture

RR-H980-1 guest office chair

RR-H980-1 guest office chair uses grey leather as the basic color. On this basis, choose different colors to have unexpected effects, ergonomic backrest design, multi-functional luxury chassis: lifting, 360-degree rotation and other functions, in the busy office life, To reduce your work pressure and body fatigue, you need a comfortable office chair.

  • Simple and streamlined shape design, elegant and fashionable, with high quality leather dirt, resistant and easy to be cleaned

  • ergonomic backrest, high-density sponge filling to provide you with you a comfortable seat feeling

  • Any color, Hardware Accessories even the armrest can be customized to match the complete furniture 

Modern Dining table set

The Modern Dining table set ,Home is the harbor of the soul. When dining together with family and friends, the dining room can exchange feelings and enjoy delicious food. At the same time, the selection of furniture or tableware will also determine the pleasure of dining. In the selection of furniture, rectangular or round dining table should be configured according to the style and spatial position. We need to consider carefully. We can provide you with detailed supporting scheme A comfortable dining space.

  • Natural wood dining table and chairs with natural texture, full of natural and simple atmosphere

  • Steel tube furniture with metal plating and artificial leather or textiles, elegant lines, with a sense of the times

  • High-grade dark hard-wrapped furniture, elegant style, deep charm, rich oriental flavor

B952 Leather Computer chair

The B952 Leather Computer chair  A comfortable office space can not do without a suitable chair. The choice of chair can be matched according to the decoration style of the space or personal preference. A suitable chair can not only provide strong support for your work, relieve the fatigue of work, but also highlight your personal taste in the workplace

  • Simple and streamlined shape design,elegant and fashionable,with high quality leather dirt,resistant and easy to be cleane

  • ergonomic backrest,high-density sponge filling to provide you with you a comfortable seat feelin

  • Any color,Hardware Accessories even the armrest can be customized to match the complete furniture 

Luoke-executive table

This Luoke-executive table, with a big storage vice cabinet and the wood grain sprayed steel frame is used as the support. The interior is high-quality high-density board and the surface is wood veneer. On the basis, the gray-blue high-quality leather is incorporated as the main color of the cabinet door, giving people a simple but not monotonous feeling, suitable for a variety of spaces. The concept of this wood file cabinet design is mainly to make life more quality, focusing on comfort and practicality, and an open design that makes the entire office more flexible.

In Rirong,You can easily buy complete office furniture or director room office table set,no matter what size and which style you need.
That'd save much time and cost .


Office executive table The executive office is a relatively private space which can best reflect the director's personal taste, cultivation and personality. To create an environment integrating office and leisure is one of the success factors for the directors in the business field. While dressing up the office space, the comfortable sofa, leisure chair and executive tables are integrated to add fun to the boring office life. Choose RI Rong to provide you with one-stop furniture supporting service.

  • Customizable hardware accessories, leather, wood grain create different styles for your executive direcotor room

  • Executive Table With Nutural Wood veneer,texture is clear, smooth and translucent

  • No matter which style of the executive table,chair,sofa set you need,

Workstation furniture

Workstation furniture
An indispensable furniture workstation furniture in the office area. In busy work, furniture is always the most important part to bring us strong support. Struggling in the workplace, we need to choose suitable and durable furniture to match different ones. Style, to meet the office needs of different employees, choosing a high-quality, design-conscious staff desk is one of the important tasks.

For this item,It can used in home or office,easily match different style office space and office furniture


The reception furniture. The reception desk is the key to leave an important impression on customers. At Rirong, you can contact us to customize your company’s logo according to your needs. We can provide you with high-quality products regardless of appearance or product materials. Services and materials, choose the right products in the reception area, so as to create a unique office area
Rirong design, can grasp various styles, such as creative, serious and concise, simple and modern, and the company's overall
 style harmony.Creative style, such as white series, used in emerging technology.

  • The reception table of public furniture usually does not choose large color difference

  • Simple modern style, such as the RR-RP series, is also suitable for small and medium sized companies, almost all types and 
    styles of companies

  • Modern design style of reception table, smooth modeling, the use of a large number of line,durable and practical.