JDZZ Office executive table

JDZZ Office executive table

The JDZZ Executive table, using white zebra wood grain leather and black PU leather as the basic color, brushed stainless steel frame as the support, strong and durable, highlighting the high quality of the product from the details. On this basis, through customizing different colors, shaping different effects and adapting to different spaces.

RR-MGL-Custom Office executive table W1600*D1700*H760 Environmetal MDF board   
W1800*D1900*H760  White zebra wood veneer with Imported microfiber leather  
  W2000*D2120*H760 Brushed stainless steel frame
Custom Any size can be customized  

A comfortable office space can not do without a suitable office executive table. The choice of table can be matched according to the decoration style of the space or personal preference. A suitable table can not only provide strong support for your work, relieve the fatigue of work, but also highlight your personal taste in the workplace

  • Simple and streamlined shape design,elegant and fashionable,with high quality leather dirt,resistant and easy to be cleane

  • Any color,Hardware Accessories even the armrest can be customized to match the complete furniture