Luoke-executive table

The executive office is a relatively private space which can best reflect the director's personal taste, cultivation and personality. To create an environment integrating office and leisure is one of the success factors for the directors in the business field. While dressing up the office space, the comfortable sofa, leisure chair and executive tables are integrated to add fun to the boring office life. Choose RI Rong to provide you with one-stop furniture supporting service.

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:any port

Origin:Guangdong China

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 
Luoke executive table W1600*D1800*h750 Soft pu leather
W1800*D1900*h750 White zebra wood veneer
W2000*D1900*h750 Brushed stainless steel frame
Customzied W2170*D1900*h750 Mulit-funtional outlet
W2300D1900*h750 Smart code lock

This Luoke-executive table, with a big storage vice cabinet and the wood grain sprayed steel frame is used as the support. The interior is high-quality high-density board and the surface is wood veneer. On the basis, the gray-blue high-quality leather is incorporated as the main color of the cabinet door, giving people a simple but not monotonous feeling, suitable for a variety of spaces. The concept of this wood file cabinet design is mainly to make life more quality, focusing on comfort and practicality, and an open design that makes the entire office more flexible.

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