hermes office bookcase Business space customization / artistic rendering taste Large capacity storage Durable door Environmental certification Variety of options Large capacity storage Combination storage method of shelf and drawer Divide into categories to keep the study in an orderly manner 1. Multifunctional storage 2. Thick shelf 3. High-quality hardware handle 4. Multifunctional storage 5. Maternity and infant grade environmental protection board 6. Personality display stand 7. Checkered leather storage cabinet office leather decoration fashion floor cabinet Italian style light luxury bookcase simple oversized stor
Not defined Color customization
Available in multiple colors Different choices for you
Upgraded version / 4.38 meters / bookcase / gentleman blue + black
Upgraded version / 4.38 meters / bookcase / vibrant orange + black
Upgraded version / 4.38 meters / bookcase / simple luxury gray + black
High-density fiberboard High-quality mesh finish Stainless steel titanium gold /titanium black frame
Office filing cabinets have the functions of storage and display. In the office area, non-customized bookcases are one of the main pieces of furniture, and the effect is obvious. While matching the decoration style, it can also make your office space more clean and tidy.Hermes-bookcase-271

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 

hermes office bookcase   

2900mm*400mm*2000mm              High-density fiberboard High-quality mesh finish         
4380mm*400mm*2000mm Stainless steel titanium gold/titanium black frame
Craftsman production details highlight charm Hand-laid leather / diamond pattern design / unique steel frame Details display, aesthetics everywhere give mature consideration to all aspects of a question Door filing cabinet Various file clerk Easy placement Lattice leather cabinet door Hand-laid with diamond pattern design High-end Steel hardware feet Selected ingenuity quality Corrosion resistant and durable Rose gold handle Leather handles are beautiful and decent office leather decoration fashion floor cabinet Italian style light luxury bookcase simple oversized stor Hermes Bookcase-271