Carlisle Electric Standing Desk Adjustable Lift Table


Carlyle Electric Standing Desk adjustable lift table.

Leather-trimmed electric adjustable desk.

Mobile phone wireless charging.

Unique skin-friendly microfiber leather cream wind wood trim.

Log-style chair legs are perfectly combined with home cream style.

Supported by motors, the power is strong and the load-bearing capacity exceeds 100kg.

One-button up and down, the smart panel is simple and easy to operate.

Comfortable and personalized matching, combined office chairs, matching casual colors.


Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

Item Name  Carlisle Electric Standing Desk
Material: E1 grade high-density board + Microfiber leather finish + 1.2mm Alloy Steel base  
Type Electric Standing Desk
Controller Type Push Button with 4 Memory Presets
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Color Wooden Frame / Cream Leather Top
Style Electric Standing Desk
Base Material Alloy Steel
Top Material Type E1 grade high-density board+ microfiber leather finish
Finish Type Leather-wrapped countertops
Special Feature Adjustable Height
Room Type Office & Home
Recommended Uses For Product Working and Studying
Size L1600mm*W700mm*H780-1200mm
Assembly Required Yes
Maximum Speed 40mm/s
Manufacturer RIRONG
Weight Capacity: 180 lbs
Country of Origin China


Smooth Height Adjustment: Carlyle Electric Standing Desk adjustable lift table, freely select stand up desk height, from 78cm to 120cm.    Comfortable and personalized matching, combination office chairs, matching leisure chairs.

Skin-friendly microfiber leather:  Unique handwork, laminated white line, advanced simple color matching, it is not only the appearance, but also the practicality.     Durable and wear-resistant, no fading, moisture and penetration.

Outstanding Stability: The motors are powerful and special, and the load-bearing capacity exceeds 100kg.  It is not afraid to place multiple items.The motor on the left and the whole metal frame are stable and durable without deformation.  

Intelligent operation panel:  less buttons, easy to operate, suitable for all ages.    Memory buttons, up and down buttons. 40mm/s lifting speed.

 High-end table legs: Diamond pattern leather surface, better leather surface decoration.    The legs of the table can be customized in multiple colors, and professional customization services are available.       Black sand paint, wood grain, and custom colors are available.