What are the office chair accessories and how to choose an office chair?#office chairs

What are the office chair accessories and how to choose an office chair?#office chairs

For office workers who sit in the office every day, the office chair is a familiar office product. The time spent sitting in the office chair every day reaches eight hours or more. A good and comfortable office chair will make people who sit and work a day feel less tired. On the contrary, if the office chair is not well chosen, it will make people who sit and work feel more tired. So what are the accessories for office chairs and how to choose a good office chair? Next, I will answer them one by one.

   First of all, let’s find out what are the accessories of the office chair

  One of the office chair accessories-five-star feet

The five-star foot is a general office swivel chair accessory. The tripod can be covered with exquisite wooden foot decoration. The beauty of choosing this five-star foot is that it has strong bearing capacity and high safety performance. You can choose pneumatic lifting or screw lifting. Customized with samples and drawings. The tripod is made of flat iron with a slope, or straight flat iron, flat square tube, oval tube, etc. The product is beautiful and generous. 100th anniversary commemorative stamp

   Office chair accessories part 2-steam lever   

The steam rod is an indispensable part of the office chair accessories. The swivel chair rubs against the air to generate heat during the rotation. Due to the principle of "heat expansion and cold contraction", air is compressed to generate power and shoot out the central axis, which will cause danger. It's best to use a good swivel chair, don't be greedy for cheap.

   Office chair accessories No. 3-Chassis  

The chassis is the point where the swivel chair supports and connects the steam pole to connect the office swivel chair into a whole. Precisely because of this effect, we must grasp the quality control when purchasing.

  Office chair accessories part 4-wheels   

Wheels are an indispensable part of modern office chairs. Generally, they are matched with five-star feet and can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which fully provides us with convenience.

   After knowing what accessories the office chair has, let’s take a look at how to buy an office chair

   1. When the depth of the office chair is more formal, the sitting posture of the person is more upright. To sit upright, one needs to sit in a shallower position in front of the chair. If you are at home, people will be more relaxed, and this situation is unlikely to be deeper. Therefore, you should sit down first when buying, and try the depth of the whole body when you are seated to know whether it meets office needs.

2. The height of office chair-legs is closely related to the length of the feet of the user. Of course, except for high chairs like bar chairs, the seat height of general chairs is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a short stature People also have to think about it.