The difference between silencer sponge and ordinary sponge

The difference between silencer sponge and ordinary sponge

Sponge is a sound-absorbing material! Even if it is specially made, it will not soundproof! Because the inside of the sponge is connected with small holes one by one, the sound enters it and is consumed, and then it is absorbed.
Sponge is a porous material with good water absorption and can be used to clean things. Commonly used sponges are made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers. In addition, there are also natural sponges made of sponge animals. Most natural sponges are used for body cleaning or painting. In addition, there are three types of synthetic sponges made of other materials, namely low-density polyether (non-absorbent sponge), polyvinyl alcohol (high-absorbent material without obvious pores) and polyester.

Chemical sponge

Polyurethane soft foam rubber. Polyurethane is the most common polymer material in life. It is widely used to make various "sponge" products. And elastic materials for shock absorption and anti-friction purposes, such as shoe soles, tractor tank track substrates. [1] 

Industrial sponge


There are many types of sponge used in industrial production, such as foamed cotton, shaped cotton, rubber cotton, memory cotton and so on.

Styling cotton

Styling cotton

This material cotton is made of polyurethane material, mixed with various additives such as foaming agent, and the pressure agent is put into a simple mold and heated to produce different shapes of sponge. It is suitable for swivel chair sofa cushions and back cotton, and a small amount of armrests are also used for shaping Made of cotton. The material density is 55#~60#, and its elasticity is more in line with relevant national standards. The elasticity and hardness of the sponge can be adjusted according to different parts of the product. Generally, seat cotton has higher hardness and higher density, followed by back cotton, and pillow cotton is softer.

Foam cotton

This material is foamed and molded with polyether, just like foamed bread. It can be foamed with mechanical equipment or manually surrounded by wooden boards. The foamed cotton is like a square loaf. It is sliced ​​using a slicing machine.

Foam cotton

According to different cutting thickness requirements, the softness and hardness of the foamed cotton can also be adjusted. Seat cotton generally uses 25~28kg/m3, and other uses 20~22kg/m3 density. Although the hardness and density of sponge are directly related, they are also related to different additive formulations. Therefore, the industry is divided into high elasticity, gray super, black gray super, and soft cotton. When designing and using the product, it should be reasonably and scientifically matched according to different shapes and structures. Generally, it is divided into three parts: upper, middle and lower parts with different elasticity and density of sponge. There is a kind of fireproof cotton material (flame-retardant cotton) in the sponge. In fact, before the foam is foamed, a fireproof agent is added to the material formula, such as chlorine and bromine. Burning effect.

Rubber wool

It is a kind of sponge. It is made by foaming the main material of natural latex. It has rubber characteristics, excellent elasticity, good resilience, and will not deform, but it is expensive, 3~4 higher than foamed cotton Times.

Recycled sponge

Recycled sponge finished product slices

Recycled sponge, the international general English name BONDED FOAM, is a new type of product and a sponge treatment method commonly used in the world. Recycled sponge belongs to the recycling and utilization of industrial scraps of polyurethane products. Its use value is no less than that of sponge. It is compressed and molded from industrial sponge scraps, which are crushed, stirred, glued and steam sterilized with high temperature, sterilized, and deodorized. From the production cost, the production cost is greatly reduced. It has good elasticity, good resistance, no deformation, no peculiar smell, and can be made into products of various densities according to customer needs. The high-density and high-elasticity recycled sponge can reach a density of 60 kg/m3. Above, it has the characteristics of high-efficiency flame retardant, good tensile force, large elasticity, and no deformation, and then undergoes high-pressure steam sterilization to remove the smell, which is environmentally friendly, economical and practical. Can be widely used to make sofas, mattresses, boss chairs, sports equipment, such as sponge gymnastics mats, sponge fitness mats, sponge wrestling mats, sponge car seat cushions and other products