How to choose office furniture this season?#office furniture

How to choose office furniture this season?#office furniture

Office furniture generally has 5 colors: black, gray, brown, dark red and plain blue. Generally, different kinds of gray are used for desks; black and brown are used for boss chairs and reception room tables and chairs; plain blue and dark red are mostly used for office chairs. Because,

Although blue is elegant and not blind, red is solemn and lively; black and brown have always given people a sense of dignity. Decorating meeting rooms with them will prompt you to focus on thinking. Generally speaking, the color configuration of the office should follow the "big jump," "Small harmony" principle.

Each color has its own language, which will convey certain psychological messages to your colleagues and customers. For example, black gives people a sense of loneliness, but at the same time there is a kind of nobility and dignity; brown makes people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only lose the gloom of old age,

It will also produce a bit of elegance; the big red powder is too public, if it is matched with the quiet and cold color, it can show a young and lively; the white earth and yellow are too simple, if you hold hands with the happy warm color, it is easy to reveal your own elegance.

Go one step further,

Lavender and sky blue give people a quiet feeling; magenta and royal blue make people feel bright; sauce purple and moon white are elegant; pink and natural white convey youthfulness; dark brown and light yellow can make you look more mature; light gray and ink black Solemn; vermilion and black can attract the attention of the other party; dark green and earthy yellow are the most natural combination; sea blue and light blue make people feel at ease; as for bright yellow and ink and black, it can give people the beauty of jumping.
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