How to choose an office sofa?

How to choose an office sofa?

It is very important to choose a suitable office sofa. How to choose?

Pay attention to the coordination of the office layout

First to determine the overall style of your office, and then to choose its matching sofa.

Pay attention to the comfort of the sofa

The seat of sofa and backrest should be fitted human structure,and moderate height.

 Matching office area 

Can choose linen sofa and small solid wood sofa.But a big office , can choose a big sofa, and add tea table.

Pay attention to the quality of sofa

Look the wooden parts of the sofa. Whether cracks, loose signs,  color different .

Shape . Have to look whether shape is full, size is fit, fabrics does not have obvious color difference.

Structure. Have to feel whether backrest  to have loose feeling or sound.And sofas should be smooth and soft.