How to adjust the front and back of the boss chair?#Boss  Chair

How to adjust the front and back of the boss chair?#Boss Chair

When we decide to start a company, we must prepare the company’s environmental equipment in advance. As a boss, we must not only worry about the work, but also the company’s environmental issues. This requires everyone to pay attention to it. , The environment will directly determine the working mood of the employees, so many people don’t know how the boss adjusts his back and what the composition of the boss chair is.
Office chairs that can be adjusted will have an adjustment handle, usually on the right hand side of the seat. The specific steps are as follows: sit on the computer chair and find the adjustment handle; pull the handle, tilt your back slightly, and release the handle. Fix the angle; if you want to adjust it back, continue to pull the handle, apply a little force on the back, and the back of the chair will bounce back.

The backrest is flat: generally there is a pull rod under the right hand armrest; swing back and forth: there is a thick black cylinder in front of the air rod of the chair, and the swing range can be adjusted by rotating it left and right.

How to adjust the back of the boss chair The composition of the boss chair
The composition of the boss chair

The composition of the most commonly used boss chairs on the market is basically not much different from the computer chairs, and usually consists of the following parts:

1. Scroll wheel. Due to the popularity of computers, the boss chair usually used is a computer chair that can roll. There are rollers underneath to allow the chair to slide freely on the ground;

2. Five claws. The five claws are usually made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, solid wood, nylon, plastic and other materials;

3. Air pressure rod. Used for the lifting function of the boss chair, adjust to the most comfortable sitting posture;

4. Chassis. Usually made of steel plate;

5. Chair seat. The surface is flannel, leather or mesh cloth, and the middle is a high-density elastic sponge to ensure a comfortable sitting;

6. armrest. The boss chair usually has armrests, which is convenient for the boss to contemplate or rest comfortably. The armrests of some boss chairs also have a lifting function;

7. Backrest. The backrest and the seat structure are similar;

8. pillow. It is convenient for bosses to have a place to rely on their heads when resting or thinking. There are also boss chairs where the backrest and the backrest are connected together, and there is no separate separation. The headrest of some boss chairs also has a lifting function, which can be adjusted to the comfort level when the head rests on the chair.
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