Watson Electric Standing Desk

Create a relaxed and comfortable study room and follow your own personality.

Change your position for inspiration.

Standing work, relieve the fatigue of sitting for a long time, thinking more active.

Anti-bump safety rounded corners.

Diversified storage, take and put, not easy to lose.

Smart hand controller, a variety of functions.

Environmental quality, healthy choice.

Appearance level coexists with strength.

Quality upgrade, give you a comfortable experience.


Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

ITEM                          SIZE(mm) Main material  
        Watson Electric Standing Desk 1215*615*945 Using E1 grade high-quality environmental protection high-density board
1400*615*945 Microfiber leather finish
1600*680*945 1.2mm thick leg pipe, high temperature paint process

Design connotation: Leather Electric lifting table, personalized comfortable study experience, sit and stand alternately, adjust the comfortable height, three table frame design, a key to quickly switch high.

Quality Technology: Intelligent Control Panel,LCD screen. Display real-time height. E1 grade high-quality environmentally friendly high-density board. After moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-corrosion treatment, high strength, good rigidity, no deformation, never fade, durable wear. With Nappa leather decoration,Unique hand-embossed white line, high-quality pure hand-made, skin comfort, craftsmanship sewing.   

Create a relaxed and comfortable study room and follow your own personality.300mm lifting range, suitable for more people of different heights

Motor System - The height adjustable electric standing desk is equipped with motor system, which guarantees powerful support to the height adjustment of the desk.   
In addition to the smooth height adjustment, the motor also works quietly, giving you a pleasant working environment.

Height Memory Function - The height memory function can memorize three desk heights that you are comfortable with.

The desk can be automatically adjusted to the memory height with a click of button.

Solid Construction - Made of premium iron frame, three-dimensional,hollow out design,for long-term use.Solid desk board and powerful motor. 

Desk with Storage cabinet - Desktop objects are placed stress-free. You can set up your workstation with many office accessories and boost your productivity,allowing you to study easily and increase efficiency