Hermes Orange Standing Lift Office Desk

Hermes Orange Standing Lift Office Desk
Intelligent lift, care for the lumbar spine
ikea lift table
Alternate sitting and standing, take care of the spine
Intelligent lifting and height adjustment saves time and effort.
The adjustable range of 76-120cm can easily switch between sitting and standing postures to meet the needs of different heights.
It can be applied to multiple scenarios: commercial office, study home, gaming e-sports.
30MM/s lifting speed, 150kg load bearing.

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 
Hermes Orange Standing Lift Office Desk W1600*D700*h750-1200 Select E1 grade imported plates
W1800*D900*h750-1200 Multifunctional double side cabinet
W2000*D900*h750-1200 Multifunctional wire box design

Hermes Orange Standing Lift Office Desk
Pure hand-applied leather stitching, showing luxury everywhere.
Thickened table top with leather trim.
The details show the quality.
With 4.38m president file cabinet + atmospheric president chair, reclining chair for lunch break, thick seat bag.
Side cabinets are available in leather or slate to choose from.
Ingenious craftsmanship, pure hand-applied leather stitching, and green environmental protection materials to create your healthy office environment.
Green and black color matching drawers and tabletops, high value, attractive.
Select E1 grade imported plates,
Multifunctional double side cabinet,
Provide the storage needs for your daily office,
Multifunctional wire box design,
Pure hand sewing, German sewing technology,
Gold steel back, beautiful and durable.