RR-DZRR-CT-01 dining table

The shape of the dining table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. Rectangular dining table is more suitable for larger gatherings; while round dining table feels more democratic; irregular table tops, such as a "comma" shape, are more suitable for two people in a small space, which looks warm and natural;

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 RR-DZRR-CT-01 dining table L1800×M900×H720 solid wood  
 RR-RR-YZ-01 chair  L640*M530*H730 Solid wood with soft leather  
Custom Can be customzied  

 For small families with limited area, a dining table can be used for multiple roles, such as a writing desk or a mahjong table for entertainment. In a family without a separate restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table can satisfy all members of the family? Is it convenient to pack? Therefore, the foldable dining table that is common in the market is more suitable for selection.