Italian luxury executive desk

Italian style simple embroidery desk, high-end decoration style with international standard aesthetics, low-key hormones-Armani gray tone, Armani gray color matching, let you improve your taste, high style and handsome style, large capacity short side cabinet design, main cabinet + drawer + Combination lock cabinet + display rack, partition design for orderly storage, unique high-level color matching design, unique hand-laid apricot color + Armani gray imitation marble wood grain, unique hand-laid pressure line design, selected high-end leather finishes, The surface layer is waterproof and antifouling treatment, tough and wear-resistant, unique earth color matching, high-quality xipi pure hand-laid leather, comfortable feel, ingenious sewing, matching line box design, convenient for daily use, office, and upgradeable multi-functional line box Italian luxury executive desk

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

Articles Size (mm) Principal Component
Soya Executive Table 2000x1700x760mm E1 environment-friendly plate
Strong carrying capacity
Executive desk
Italian luxury executive desk
In the design of the product, the designer incorporates an Italian-style design on the table top, and the table base is a black stainless steel frame. With strong load-bearing capacity, equipped with auxiliary cabinets, and super storage function, it provides enough support for your office life. At Rirong, you can customize your needs according to your personal needs. Regardless of the color, you can provide convenient and fast customized services.