ZunShang Executive Blue Desk

ZunShang Executive Blue Desk

ZunShang Executive Blue Desk, with a fashionable and domineering appearance, is the first choice of successful business people. The combination of the gentle blue and the brushed stainless steel frame forms a coordinated and unified desk, which can create a beautiful and realistic business style for you. Personalized color matching can create your exclusive office space.

Design concept
Zunshang gentle blue light luxury desk create a sense of space light visual experience.Interpretation of less is more texture space.

Genuine saddle leather
High quality saddle leather is regenerated from cowhide scraps by composite technology. It has strong toughness, durable wear resistance and hardness surface .

High quality wood for a solid frame
It has a good homogenous structure and unique strength and stability, the structure is easier to process than the ordinary density, good physical properties, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, low formaldehyde content.

High elastic memory sponge
Slow rebound sponge, compact structure, delicate feel, delay rebound, reduce the pressure on the human body, at the same time can prevent the end of antibacterial, breathable dehumidification, deep pressure relief.

The customized space
the real photo of Zunshang executive black desk
Design concept
The combination of leather, stainless steel, wood and steel elements. Simple wallpaper with smooth lines , match with blue leather will have a stronger three-dimensional sense, it is the first choice for luxury office decoration. Its speak of  simple soul charm manifested incisively and vividly! We are determined to customized the furniture which is suit for customers!