What are the office furniture?Rirong office furniture manufacturers

What are the office furniture?Rirong office furniture manufacturers

Office furniture classification can be divided into panel office furniture, steel office furniture, metal office furniture, soft office furniture, etc. in terms of materials.#Rirong office furniture manufacturers

Board office materials include:

1. Board materials include MDF, MDF, particle board, and fireproof board. Among them, the MDF plain board can be divided into Polaroid board, gorgeous board, melamine board, veneer veneer board, etc. after processing and pasting different materials on the surface.

2. MDF masson pine powder plus urinary acid and other chemical substances are dried at high temperature and high pressure and cannot be damp and not exposed to direct sunlight. The water content is greater than or equal to 7%.

3. Cloth art is mainly distinguished from density and textile.

4. The leather is mainly yellow leather and buffalo leather. They can be divided into full green leather, semi-green leather, first layer leather, frosted leather, and ordinary leather.

5. Glass is divided into tempered, strengthened, and ordinary types.

6. Stones have granite, natural ones need 150-200 years to grow artificially darker color, marbles are generally white, natural ones require 40-90 years of growth time. 7 Rattan raw materials include rattan core, rattan, rattan chips, etc. 

The use of club furniture is classified into offices, open staff offices, meeting rooms, reading rooms, library rooms, training classrooms, laboratories, and staff dormitories. From the use of functions, they are mainly divided into desks, office chairs, office screens, sofas, and coffee tables. , Filing cabinets, bookcases, etc.