RR-H03W-6B Office Bookcase

The concept of this cabinet design is mainly to make life more quality, focusing on comfort and practicality, and an open design that makes the entire office more flexible

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB/EXW

Delivery port:Any port in China

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 
                 RR-H03W-6B office bookcase                                1200*400*2000                           E1 board international stadard            
1600*400*2000  wood veneer
2400*400*2000   gold metal frame


Office Bookcase/cabinet is one of the main furniture in the study room, that is, a cabinet specially used to store books, newspapers, magazines and other books. Many consumers are always throwing things away, and the books are littered, making the room life a mess. At this time, if you have a bookcase, organize all the books in the bookcase, so that the office space will become clean and clear.

  • Use high-quality stainless steel frame with spray wood grain process, not easy to oxidize and fade.

  • Selected high-quality leather, comfortable and soft texture, breathable and waterproof

  • Exquisite stitching craftsmanship, well-proportioned meticulous high-end quality workmanship, showing perfect details