Omile Italian office desk

Omile Italian office desk
New Chinese flavor boss desk
wood and leather fusion
Create a new Chinese style president fan
Highlight the external shape of Chinese furniture
Provide overall office space design
Series supporting products
Professional and excellent quality
It is furniture and a part of life
Chinese charm, unassuming, low-key charm

Minimum order quantity:1

payment method:TT/LC/FOB

Delivery port:Any port

Origin:Guangdong China

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 
Omile Italian office desk. W2000*D900*h750 Select E1 grade imported plates
W2170*D900*h750 Multifunctional double side cabinet
W2360*D900*h750 Multifunctional wire box design

Omile Italian office desk.
New Chinese flavor boss desk
wood and leather fusion
Smoked solid wood grain.
The color that blends with nature is restrained and refined to create a new Chinese-style artistic sense.
Support color/size customization.
Environmentally friendly material, safe to use, high-quality E1 standard high-density board.
Equipped with smart combination lock.
Versatile wire box. High-quality office furniture.
The production cycle is 15 days, and the customized production cycle is 30 days.