Wooden office furniture for KMY project

Wooden office furniture for KMY project

KMY wooden office furniture overall supporting project

Rirong furniture set sail to meet the trend and customize a new high-end business space for China's famous ceramic brand Kamiya ceramics, which is the latest masterpiece after the nationwide store project of Media. Grand atmosphere, simple and fresh exquisite ideas, strength interpretation of contemporary Oriental simple and easy taste of life.

New fashion, light enjoyment, international style, a corner of the taste is attractive, designers with a strong cultural heritage and modern innovative design techniques, elegant and fashion symbiosis, implicit and exquisite coexistence.

With continuous vitality and passionate fighting spirit, rirong people let the world feel the positive energy of the rise of Chinese Furniture Customization brand!

With the international professional soft decoration designer team, rigorous standardized management system and pragmatic and United front-line staff team, rirong furniture keeps pace with each other in the domestic and foreign markets and wins the respect of the society.