What is the size of the office chair? What is the size of the desk?#Office chair, executive desk

What is the size of the office chair? What is the size of the desk?#Office chair, executive desk

Corresponding to the office, there will be some office furniture for us to choose. Reasonably designed office furniture can not only make the structure more compact, thereby improving the efficiency of office space utilization, but they can also match the decoration style of the company and institution to highlight the culture of the company and institution. What is recommended today is determined to a certain extent. After analyzing the office chair size parameters of utilization efficiency and use effect, interested consumers and friends can comprehensively consider the actual situation.

   1. Standard size parameters of office chairs

  Parameter name Male Female Parameter name Male Female

  Sit height 41~43cm 39~41cm Backrest height 41~42cm 39~40cm

  Sit depth 40~42cm 38~40cm Backrest width 40~42cm 40~42.04cm

  Width of sitting front 40~42cm 40~42cm Backrest inclination 98°~102° 98°~102°

  Width after sitting 30~40cm 38~40cm


   2. The size of the desk

  The size of a standard desk

   The main dimensions of furniture (that is, functional dimensions) are required by national standards. If the furniture is smaller or smaller than the specified size, it will cause a lot of inconvenience during use and affect the use. The size of the desk is mainly determined according to the height of the person, and the height of the desk is generally about 780 mm. The general size of the desk or the general size of the desk is general: length 1200mm-1600mm, width 500mm-650mm, height 700mm-800mm.

  The size of the desk of the chairman and general manager

   is 2600mm-3600mm in length, about 1200mm-2000mm in depth, and 750mm-780mm in height. In addition, it is equipped with a luxurious leather boss chair, which makes people look majestic and domineering.


  Manager-level desk size

   The manager’s desk should be smaller, generally between 1800mm-2600mm in length, 1000mm-1800mm in depth, and 750mm-780mm in height. Positions above the manager level usually use solid wood desks, which look luxurious and distinguish them from ordinary staff desks.

  The size of the staff desk

  The size of ordinary staff desk is 1000mm-1400mm long, 550mm-700mm wide, and 750mm high.

In addition, sales staff who need to make phone calls use screen desks, also called partition desks, to avoid mutual influence. They are separated by baffles. The size of this desk is generally 600mm-1200mm in length and 400mm-600mm in width. , The height is 750mm, and the desktop has a screen baffle of about 250mm or even higher.

   3. Office desk purchase

   1. Surface quality. When buying a desk, look for defects such as scratches, indentation, blistering, degumming, peeling, and glue marks on the surface of the furniture material. Pay attention to whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth.

   2. Production quality. Whether the edge of the wooden furniture is flat and the angle is very accurate; the decorative parts of the edges and faces should be checked whether the decorative parts are evenly glued, whether the bonding is firm, and whether the trimming is smooth and smooth; the parts side panels, door panels, drawer panels, etc. Whether the end face of the visible parts such as the mouth is sealed; the assembly position depends on whether the grooves at the drilled hole are delicate and neat, and whether the connectors are firm after installation; whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, the general requirement is 1.5 Between mm~2.0mm, whether the door and drawer can be opened, pushed and pulled flexibly, etc.

   3. The quality of metal parts and plastic parts. The quality of the metal parts also determines the internal quality of the furniture in the wooden furniture. The metal parts are required to be dexterous, smooth, and well-plated on the surface, free of rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the mating parts is required to be high. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color, and the force and elasticity of the parts in use should be strong and not too thin. The open-type connector requires flexible rotation and no frictional sound.


The above recommended examples and analysis for everyone are about the introduction of office chair sizes and specifications. From this, you can find that first in the process of purchasing office chairs, it should be considered like other furniture such as tables and sofas. Physical parameters such as the height of users and consumers themselves, and secondly, it is necessary to integrate some habits in our specific work and learning process to make a reliable suggestion. In addition, the common standard size specifications of office chairs are also given specific explanatory text above, which can be comprehensively analyzed.