2022 Sales Center Collection

 Visual impression of sales center

 Infuse quality into living space

 Interpreting life with luxury

 Provide comfortable living destination

The case of commercial housing located in the core development area of Foshan injects quality into the living space, interprets life with luxury at entrance, and provides a comfortable living destination for the city with elegance and fashion. Located in Xincheng East, it is closely connected with Foshan Commercial Center and Guangzhou. Foshan, with its advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, has become the core area of future urban development planning. The region has great potential, and the real estate development wing is located in Foshan New Town.

Napa pattern poly urethane desktop, hardware is a high-end gold accessory, matched with playful and lovely leisure chairs, and the surrounding corners are wrapped in layers of artistic glass, which makes the interior more elegant and breaks the traditional spatial order through the collision of vibrant colors. In the color collision between orange and white, it is refreshing and makes the office space more vivid.

Look at the fresh style. The atmosphere is intimate and magnificent. The bookshelf with a sense of design is composed of various lines, which is exquisite and transparent, providing a bright working environment for the whole study. The vertical lines and high-end leather of the bookcase behind the study enrich the interior design and create a sense of rhythm in the negotiation area. Furniture shows elegant taste and creates a relaxed and elegant communication atmosphere.