How to adjust the height of the computer chair?#computer chair

How to adjust the height of the computer chair?#computer chair

method one:

When adjusting the height of the chair, you can see that there will be one or two handles under the general chair seat. When there is one handle under the chair seat, you only need to adjust the height of the chair. Lift the handle up, the high-pressure gas inside the gas rod will rebound after being compressed, and the seat of the chair will naturally rise. When you want to lower the chair, lift the handle up and sit on the chair at the same time. The rebound of the high air pressure in the air rod is resisted, and the chair body is naturally lowered.

Method Two:

There is a fixed screw on the bottom of the rotating chair. You only need to loosen it, adjust it, and fix it. To

Method three:

Swivel chairs generally have two adjustments. There are two adjustment rods under the chair seat, one for up and down, and one for left and right. The up and down adjustment can sit on the seat, lift the handle upwards, and the height is to your satisfaction. Just let go .

Method four:

When there are two handles under the seat of the chair, one of the handles is for adjusting the height of the chair, and the other is for adjusting the angle of the back of the chair. If you don’t know which handle is for adjusting the height of the chair, just repeat In the above steps, try to see which handle can adjust the height of the chair body, and then adjust it according to the method mentioned above.

Expansion information

There are usually the following categories:

1) Ma Rong chair: work chairs, staff chairs, and mid-shift chairs are widely used.

2) Mesh chairs: In the early years, mid-shift chairs, conference chairs, and front chairs were used more. Chairs made of this type of fabric have strong air permeability and are relatively suitable for sedentary sitting. It has been widely used in staff chairs.

3) Leather chairs: Executive chairs are the most used. Leather: genuine leather and imitation leather.

4) Anti-static chair: The surface of the chair is treated with anti-static treatment, or anti-static accessories and chair