Dimension Parameter of Office Furniture

Dimension Parameter of Office Furniture

Reasonable design of office furniture can not only make the structure more compact, but also improve the efficiency of the use of office space, today will  recommend dimension parameter of office furniture .

Office Chair Standard Size Parameters
Male & Female 
Sitting Height  41 ~ 43cm  39 ~ 41cm  Backrest Height 41 ~ 42cm 39 ~ 40cm
Sitting Depth 40 ~ 42cm 38 ~ 40 cm Backrest Width 40 ~ 42cm 40 ~ 42.04cm
 In Front of Sitting 40 ~ 42cm 40 ~ 42cm Backrest Gradient 98° ~ 102°  98° ~ 102°

Standard Desk's size
Desk normal size is length 1200mm-1600mm, width 500mm-650mm, high 700mm-800mm.

The size of CEO's desk
The length is 2600mm-3600mm, the depth is about 1200mm-2000mm, the height is 750mm-780mm.And add  luxury leather boss chair, it looks dignified and atmosphere.

The size of manager's desk
The manager's desk should be smaller. Usually the general length is 1800mm-2600mm, the depth is between 1000mm-1800mm, and the height is 750mm-780mm. 

The size of staff's desk
Length: 1000mm-1400mm ,Width:550mm-700mm,Height:750mm