engineering chair, gaming chair, boss chair, which one is better? Where are the advantages and disadvantages?SGS Certificate

engineering chair, gaming chair, boss chair, which one is better? Where are the advantages and disadvantages?SGS Certificate

horrible! The chair you often sit on may also explode. Why? To

What have you been with for the longest time in your life? Some people say that it is a bed; some people say that it is a pet, but many office workers have overlooked one thing-liters! drop! chair!

A rough estimate: an average person spends more than 40,000 hours in a computer chair or work chair in his lifetime, an office worker spends more than 60,000 hours in a work chair in his lifetime, and an IT practitioner spends more than 80,000 hours. At this time, someone tells you that the chair lift you sit on every day may suddenly explode! Do you believe it?

The office seat suddenly exploded and fell apart, breaking through the computer host next to it. The scene picture was also shocking! ↓↓↓


According to the netizen, the colleague’s chair exploded inexplicably; fortunately, the colleague who usually sat on the chair went to the bathroom all day long, and no one was injured.

According to reports, the swivel chair that exploded was only purchased in August this year. A photo of the scene of the incident provided by a netizen shows that a black lifting rotating seat, which is very common in office spaces, was broken into two pieces from the shaft. The metal pipe where the shaft broke was severely deformed and cracked. A mess on the ground was scattered with many debris. , Several wheels of the chair also fell aside, the explosion also spread to the main computer next to the seat, the main computer box was hit and cracked.

If you don’t go to the bathroom, you can’t even think about the consequences.

The seat explosion is not without precedents. Basically, the accidents are "air pressure". Everyone must think that this is just an example.

But you know, most accidents are just a case! What's more, there are precedents for seat explosions, and the seats that exploded are basically pneumatic seats that can be lifted and rotated.

An experiment tells you why the seat explodes, and why does a good seat explode?

Generally speaking, the following two situations may cause an explosion:

1. The wall thickness of the gas spring is uneven or the preload is too large;

2. Frequent height adjustment and rotation can cause overheating and explosion.

Under normal circumstances, this pneumatic rod similar to a bicycle pump is filled with high-purity inert gas nitrogen. When a person sits on a chair, although the pressure of the nitrogen gas is increased by the squeezing, it is still within the limit range of the air pressure expansion, and no problem will occur.

And some inferior pneumatic rods often have problems such as insufficient nitrogen purity and shoddy material of the pneumatic rod. In the case of high temperature in summer or frequent seat lifts, the pressure in the pneumatic rod will rise sharply, which can easily cause an explosion.

Some black manufacturers use free high-pressure air instead of inert gas in order to keep costs down, which is more likely to cause the air pressure rod to explode.

In addition, some consumers' wrong practices when using pneumatic lift chairs also pose safety hazards, such as excessive force when sitting, or frequent adjustment of the lift handles.

How to choose a lift seat?

When consumers buy this kind of pneumatic chair lift, they must choose a regular product with the manufacturer's information. Don't be greedy to buy Sanwu products cheaply, otherwise the quality will not be guaranteed, and there may be no way to defend your rights when something goes wrong. When purchasing, consumers should check whether the product has a certificate of conformity, registered trademarks, manufacturer name and address, etc., and remember to ask for an invoice from the merchant, so as to avoid lack of credentials when safeguarding rights.

According to industry insiders, all chair lifts sold by regular manufacturers will issue an "inspection report." Strictly sealed; on the upper end of the pneumatic rod, there is also a mark verified by the relevant state department, and the manufacturer, pneumatic rod type and prompt words are written in English.

The chair lifts produced by our Rirong are certified by various authorities and strictly control the quality. Every link from the source material to the finished product conforms to international standards, providing consumers with high-quality services and excellent customer experience.

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