You’re finally ready to move out of your home office to a small-but-fancy office space at a nearby business centre – all thanks to the steady stream of business from loyal clients. While choosing an office space is one of the most important decision in your growing up phase, the growing pains don’t stop there : You’ll still need to choose the furniture to go with your fancy office space.

You’ve searched high and low for the best furniture for you, the CEO, and your two employees; you’ve kept your eyes peeled on offers you read online or furniture magazines. You’ve finally found out that, choosing the right furniture is not as easy as you imagine.

Firstly, you need to choose carefully because you’ll probably be on your office desk 9-to-5, five days a week – minimum. Choosing the wrong chair or desk can be devastating. Secondly, you need to consider your budget, as quality often comes at a price; striking a balance is quite challenging.

But fear not, we are here to help!

*Before contacting with RIRONG, KMY already had layout plan and rough idea. What RIRONG had to do was to redesign it with our standard items and made quotation, modify the furniture setup and budget matching with KMY ’s requirement step by step .

One-step Office Furniture

According to your layout , we can recommend some furniture for you .

Canada Office

Moldova Project

Custom Furniture according to your office space

Our designers can offer 2D layout plan or 3D drawings after know your personalized requirements.

Customer feedback after have custom furniture:

I have own my personalized space and attracted more friends and customer to visit my office. They found that every space is made of full use, not waste any inch of square. All is my favorite design and choice. Color of space and furniture is so unified,harmonious and comfortable. Let me face the work and life with happy mood every day.

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