Custom Furniture was a feature in the Furniture Catalog, added on August 19, 2010. It allowed members to choose a furniture item from selection, and pick a color and pattern to item, where the variety of pattern colors and main item's color are different.

Throughout the years, older colors and patterns from the catalog selection have been replaced, to offer a new variety of custom furniture.

Because a lot of people office decorated in different styles, young people now want to and designer office design companies on the differences, and most of the finished furniture is relatively popular in the design, it is difficult to meet the individual requirements of consumers, therefore, custom furniture has attracted more and more consumers welcome. In recent years, custom furniture has become a model of the design of the decoration, it is a low cost, agile operation of the rapid response to the needs of individual customers, have replaced the traditional furniture making momentum, loved by many owners.

Custom furniture customization process, everybody is familiar with, the general measurement design, production, transportation, complex scale installation, the entire process by the most professional designers, workers, and professional equipment factory, for consumers, the professional thing to professional people to do, to reduce the scene construction, decoration save time, ensure the quality of furniture, but also more customer service guarantee.

The primary good reason of acquiring customized furniture is exclusivity. You have the option to design your own furniture. In result this assures you that no one else has a similar furniture piece. The custom made furniture will not be available in furniture stores but only in your house. Customized furniture allows you to acquire furniture that is going to fit perfectly within the dimensions of your room. it is value for money. You have the option to choose specific materials that you want such as: the type of wood, handles, hinges, sun mica, polish, paint, etc.

Preferences are like finger prints: Everybody’s functional requirement out of a furniture product could be different. Custom Furniture is usually made to order and fits perfectly at your home, rather than a mass produced model. Also, you could customize every aspect of your furniture: the size that you wanted it to be, the color that suits your office and home, that fabric that feels and works better with pets and kids. In short, One size does not fit all!

Active people engagement: Buying furniture with your family is a happy event, and it should engage customers and they should co-create the product with their preferences as inputs!

Customizing your furniture is always a better option than going for a mass- made furniture as you can choose your own design, fabric of your favorite color, wood of your choice, etc.

Monetary issue is the first thing you need to resolve before you decide to buy a furniture product. What is the amount you are ready to invest in furniture product? The main reason to go for custom-made-furniture is that it is really affordable. Your choice of wood, your choice of design and size rounds off the price according to your pocket. And a furniture product you desire, comes the way you wanted and doesn’t even hurt your pocket, this is a dream coming true.

Since you know the specifications of the space or corner you want furniture product to occupy, it is best that you customize the design you like so that you receive a product which is well crafted in size for that corner in your room and enhance its beauty.

If you are fussy about your choice, then it is best to go for customizing a furniture product or getting it constructed according to your will by an authentic furniture company. Decide for the shade which would blend perfectly with the room you want to place furniture in. Pick a fabric to go with it, and accessorize it with your favorites. When you are done with picking and choosing, let the furniture designer or custom made furniture retailer know about your decisions so that he could frame the furniture as per your requirements. You can approve the design of the furniture so that it could be delivered to you.

The main and the most important reason to go for custom made furniture is the perk you get in the form of furniture you thought of. To bring your thoughts to reality is the best thing a person shopping could think of.

Custom Furniture Successful Case

Custom furniture service can make color, size according to your special needs.

Custom Chair

Custom Bookcase

Custom Furniture according to your office space

Our designers can offer 2D layout plan or 3D drawings after know your personalized requirements.

Customer feedback after have custom furniture:

I have own my personalized space and attracted more friends and customer to visit my office. They found that every space is made of full use, not waste any inch of square. All is my favorite design and choice. Color of space and furniture is so unified,harmonious and comfortable. Let me face the work and life with happy mood every day.

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