5000㎡ Tencent Dr. Penguin Project

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July 12, 2019
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July 23, 2019

In this case, all from the functional point of view, pay attention to moderate shape proportion, clear and beautiful spatial structure, emphasize the bright and concise appearance, and the use of light color system in the whole space makes the whole sense of space science and technology prominent.

Introduce : Dr. Penguin is the Internet plus medical health platform of Tencent. It is a medical and health technology enterprise jointly established by Tencent, Ji Hui capital, medical alliance and Sequoia Capital China Fund.

Type: Internet + health care platform

Tencent's corporate culture is:

Values: Integrity, Duty, Cooperation and Innovation

Enterprise Spirit: Keep Forward and Pursue Excellence

Project Address: An upscale Grade A office building with two-storey offices totaling more than 5,000 square meters is located in the downtown area of Beijing.

*Before contacting with RIRONG, Dr. Penguin already had layout plan and rough idea. According to customer requirements, design and match, and numerous product configuration modifications, Rirong designer complete the final layout effect, the following is the latest layout plan dynamic diagram and layout plan:

Aerial view of "Doctor Penguin"

Determine the plan, sign the contract and control the production quality.

Over two months, more than 100 products, more than 20 color combinations, more than a third of the customized products, in this busy period around the year, or step by step in the expected completion of the work, all of which depends on the concerted cooperation of all Rirong designer,technician and workers. From on-the-spot investigation, to the overall office furniture supporting scheme, to the production of products, to the final delivery and installation, each link reflects the specialty of Rirong furniture in the field of office engineering supporting.

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