Teamworking( 50㎡ ) solution

A venue is a powerful tool for your purposes, and each organization and its employees are different. Rirong is based on research and help you create an office that better to demonstrate the office environment, also provides better support for efficient work.

A8 station , 8 removable cabinets, 8 office chairs

The A solution is designed for open office space, and we firmly believe that everyone working together can perform better.
Strengthen the close cooperation and create the office environment that help to achieve their specific goals.
B8 station, 8 office chairs

B design fully considers the company's organizational structure, job characteristics and functions,
various workstation can meet the special work of each department and the requirements for desktop space .
C8 station, 8 office chairs

These settings of the C program are designed to uniquely demonstrate corporate culture .
Enhance its pursuit of goals and make the workplace a more valuable asset .
1. The above schemes all are quoted by engineers, and the quotation is available within three months;
2. All products are 1 year warranty;
3. This product board is in line with international environmental testing standards;
4. All program product picture colors are for your reference only, and the color of actual product shall prevail .
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