Never underestimate the power of office interiors and the general layout of your workplace. There is power in that layout, and getting it right can increase productivity beyond measure. Of course, you need to plan out your office to get the most out of the space you have, and to look into the needs of your existing employees.

From the best office desks to ergonomic chairs, comfort is everything, and by planning your space effectively, you cannot only ensure the wellness of your staff, but you can also look forward to better business success in the future.

Let’s check out a few layout ideas you might like to think about.

A truly collaborative space

This layout is best compared to a newsroom in many ways. Think about the fast pace of life, the constant collaboration, the brainstorming, the talking, the progress – this collaborative layout is the ideal choice for an office which requires a lot of team working.

How it looks – groups of desks together, a wide open space to ensure movement and idea sharing, hot-desking, and chairs strategically placed. No walls, no dividers. You could also consider a large breakout area, as collaboration can be exhausting, and this means staff can go somewhere for break time.

A space for privacy

If you have a workspace which really relies upon quiet work, perhaps with numbers or other data, then you need to create a layout which allows your employees to really concentrate and focus. For this, how about a library-style layout? This will ensure no interruptions for quiet work, and extra spaces for quiet collaboration, such as question asking, if need be.

How it looks – This particular layout is likely to have a lot of partitions and even cubicles for quiet working, and you could even incorporate cubes, for a more modern look. Towards the back of the room, there is likely to be an area for discussion, but like in a library, this noise will be hushed. Remember to make use of quality white office furniture with this type of layout, to give it a bright feel.


Our final suggestion is a truly creative layout, and ideal for a workplace which relies upon the flow of visually creative ideas. This is going to be a really modern look, so it’s likely to be colourful, rather than a regular office decor style. By adding colour and art on the walls, you’re stimulating the senses, and therefore promoting creativity.

How it looks – Lots of colour, visual pointers, whiteboards (interactive if possible), and a large conference table, which can be used for large-scale drawing and discussions in a casual manner.

We personally feel that these three suggestions are fresh, modern, and can easily be tailored to the workspace you require. What are your thoughts on this?

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