No matter what business you’re in, your office’s reception area is where first impressions are made. Like a website home page, your reception area is what people see before anything else, and if it’s done right it will convince them to stay and learn more. Follow these helpful tips for nailing the important elements, and make sure your customers’ first visit is the first of many.

Reception desk

Function and style should come together in this anchoring piece of furniture. Clients will appreciate a standing-height counter while your reception staff will need a desk-height surface for their duties, but beyond that you can choose from a range of shapes and finishes to match your decor. Most importantly, your reception desk should create a good visual impression for your business while allowing your staff to greet customers in a professional, efficient manner.

Reception seating.

If you’ve ever spent time in a waiting room you know that uncomfortable chairs make the wait feel twice as long and three times more annoying. Don’t make this mistake in your office. Guest seating can range from casual to formal and traditional to modern, but whatever style you choose, make comfort your top priority. Look for high quality foam cushioning and sturdy support frames, which will hold up under repeated use and provide long-term durability. You’ll be making a smart investment, and your customers won’t mind taking a seat.

Finishing touches

Small details can add a professional finish to your reception area, so think about items that will work for you while they look good. If you have reading material in the waiting area, consider using a magazine rack to keep things tidy, and a coat rack will give customers a place to hang up cold-weather layers. Art can also add an element of sophistication to a reception area and may even benefit your operation.

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