Study Table

RR-OB23 Study Table

This study table was made of the modern minimalist style exterior design, incorporates bright orange and modern streamlined design, making the table not only suitable for the study environment. You can also customize different colors to create different effects, so that the desk becomes one of the important auxiliary tools in the office space.

RR-OB23 Wood Leather chair

The study room, also known as the home studio, is used as a space for reading, writing, and studying, researching, and working in spare time. Especially the necessary activity space for cultural, educational, technological, and artistic workers. The study is a place where people return to the office environment after a day of work. Therefore, it is both an extension of the office and a part of family life. The duality of the study puts it in a unique position in the family environment. Therefore, a comfortable wood leather chair is essential.

Hermes Double Cabinet Gentleman Grey

Details display, aesthetics everywhere give mature consideration to all aspects of a question

German sewing technology, the craftsmanship of every stitch and thread German sewing craft, the craftsman spirit of one stitch

Multi-function desktop socket Desktop Wireless charger

Laminated craft drawers for more convenient storage Multi functional side cabinet, more convenient storage

Imported from Italy
computer desk
The wide-open cowhide is made into exquisite materials through 12 rigorous processes
Flexible and wear-resistant, ensuring the strength and natural fine texture of the cowhide


RR MUYU HOME DESK Explore Italian luxury design Both appearance and detail craftsmanship Simple line and surface matching, simple product modeling Bright and simple personality, showing the geometric charm of modern meaning 

Support customized color/size Life is not going

You can choose the required color palette material, please contact customer service for details                                                                .