Office Table

Office Table

RR-KD003 modern office desk

 RR-KD003 modern office desk not only for office purposes, but also a symbol of identity and taste.Modern Simple Desk design, overall looks calm and solid, stable and atmospheric. The decisive dignity of a thousand miles, the deep tone, makes the office more noble style

RR-JR-A01-30 L shape office desk

The executive office is a relatively private space which can best reflect the director's personal taste, cultivation and personality. To create an environment integrating office and leisure is one of the success factors for the directors in the business field. While dressing up the office space, the comfortable sofa, leisure chair and executive tables are integrated to add fun to the boring office life. RR-JR-A01-30 L shape office desk, with a fashionable and domineering appearance, is the first choice of successful business people. The combination of the calm black and the brushed stainless steel frame forms a coordinated and unified desk, which can create a beautiful and realistic business style for you. Personalized color matching can create your exclusive office space. Choose RI Rong to provide you with one-stop furniture supporting service.

RR-JH03D-20A Executive Office Desk

This Executive office desk is made of silver silk wood and dark coffee. It is simple, stylish, and intelligent. It combines fashion elements to create a smart office space, high-value and full of personality.


RR-ZTZ-1816A3 Workstation Table

The Workstation Table. An indispensable furniture workstation furniture in the office area. In busy work, furniture is always the most important part to bring us strong support. Struggling in the workplace, we need to choose suitable and durable furniture to match different ones. Style, to meet the office needs of different employees, choosing a high-quality, design-conscious staff desk is one of the important tasks.


RR-JH0818 Manager desk

The geometric series manager desk is made of healthy and high-quality E1 grade environmental protection panels. The clear wood grain texture is combined with the irregular black spraying frame to form a fashionable beauty. The desk not only looks stylish and elegant, but also integrates the side cabinet Design, large storage space, better help you organize files, and create a comfortable and clean office environment.

RR-T0018 Electric lifting table

Electric lifting table, the desk is made of walnut wood color board, and the white sprayed metal frame is used as the support. It not only looks simple in appearance, but also saves space, and is sturdy and durable. It can be adjusted to different heights by remote control and can become a staff desk, bar counter, etc. A table is multi-purpose and brings you different feelings. Make your office life more convenient。

RR-N2801 Manager Desk

This manager desk adopts selected high-quality plates, smoked wood grain and black as the main colors, and the hollow stainless steel baffle design gives people a sense of calm as a whole. With vice cabinets on the side and large storage space, to make the office space Cleaner and more comfortable.

RR-NW-001-Wood office table

The appearance design of RR-NW-001-Wood office table uses smoked wood grain color and black sprayed metal table legs as the main colors. The irregular baffle design, arc-shaped table corners and the design of side cabinets not only provide you with enough storage space , But also provide more convenience for your office life.

  • Feet are durable iron feet, with wood grain color without acosmia natural style

  • Bright spot is the foot frame, solid and strong but criss-crossing

RR-3020X Manager desk

 The manager desk not only for office purposes, but also a symbol of identity and taste.Modern Simple Desk design, overall looks calm and solid, stable and atmospheric. The decisive dignity of a thousand miles, the deep tone, makes the office more noble style. A suitable desk can not only provide strong support for your work, relieve the fatigue of work, but also highlight your personal taste in the workplace

  • Simple and streamlined shape design,elegant and fashionable,with high quality leather dirt,resistant and easy to be cleane

  • ergonomic backrest,high-density sponge filling to provide you with you a comfortable seat feelin

  • Any color,Hardware Accessories even the armrest can be customized to match the complete furniture 

RR-KQ-Wooden manager desk

A Wooden manager desk in the office space is one of the necessary tools to complete the work. In order to have a comfortable office environment, choosing a suitable executive desk can better improve work efficiency and bring more benefits.

RR-131 small study table

small study table
Keeping your work area neat and organized is a simple way to help youstay efficient during a busy day. This modern home office computer desk 
provides ample storage space for all of your office supplies and paperwork, leaving your worksurface free of clutter, and adds an eye-catching accent to your home office with its nordic champagne design and modular storage area. You can place the 3-basket file beneath this contemporary desk or beside it to suit your space.