8111 Sofa set

8111 Sofa set

From the appearance design of the table, The table top is made of high-quality PU leather, and the color can be customized according to the customer's own requirements. The stainless steel bracket is durable and can not only show your fashion taste, but also become a highlight of the office space.

ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 

8111 sofa set 

 RR-JR-T01-14 coffee table

Single-seat:W750*D750*H830mm       high density sponge
  EI grade board.    
Three-seats:W1750*D750*H830mm high quality pu leather
Rectangle coffee table:W1280*D650*H450mm      brushed stainless steel frame
  square coffee table:W520*D650*H450mm  
Customzied Can be customized  

The executive office is a relatively private space which can best reflect the director's personal taste, cultivation and personality. To create an environment integrating office and leisure is one of the success factors for the directors in the business field. While dressing up the office space, the comfortable sofa, leisure chair and executive tables are integrated to add fun to the boring office life. Choose RI Rong to provide you with one-stop furniture supporting service.
Customizable hardware accessories, leather, wood grain create different styles for your executive direcotor room
Executive Table With Nutural Wood veneer,texture is clear, smooth and translucent
No matter which style of the executive table,chair,sofa set you need,