8050 Office Sofa Set

8050 Office Sofa Set

The 8050 sofa is made of high-quality Orange leather and brushed stainless steel feet as the main colors. The interior of the sofa is filled with high-density sponge, which is comfortable to sit and has high resilience. It can help you relax when you are tired at work. It can also be used as Reception sofa, talk with customers, and provide customers with a good negotiation environment. At Rirong, you can make customized requirements according to your personal needs, regardless of color or size, you can provide convenient and fast customized services

Minimum order quantity:1


ITEM SIZE(mm) Main material 
8050 office sofa set
one seater:810*840*830          
          3 seater:1940*840*830                    
fabrics, foam, metal base
                                                         Mulit-funtional outlet                                 

Office sofa set not only pays attention to the comfort of sitting, but also has a simple design.When choosing a leather sofa, you should first understand the area of your living room or bedroom, and then choose the appropriate sofa.

  • Organe is the main tone, with stainless steel frame, white cutting line to strengthen the texture

  • Leather of sofa is of high quality,wear - resistant, environmental - friendly and easy to clean

  • The feet are metal designs, custom colors and materials,and can be made of noble titanium gold.