5000㎡ Tencent Dr. Penguin Project
July 23, 2019
Rirong May Labor Day’s Activity
August 10, 2019

Midea headquarters has the overall furniture allocation scheme for more than 400 new central air conditioning stores in China.Rirong Furniture made every effort to configure the list for this project, and preliminarily discusses the quantity of products and the improvement requirements of details and craftsmanship..

Midea Headquarters sent commissioners to Rirong Factory to inspect our production capacity, product quality, after-sales service and so on. Our company also made the first sample for midea engineer to confirm, so that the inspectors can understand the products more intuitively. All questions raised by the Commissioner were answered.

*Midea headquarters finally identified Rirong as the supplier responsible for the project and signed the contract. And we started produce according to customer's custom requirement.

Determine the plan, sign the contract and control the production quality.

After finished production, the goods can only be delivered to the customers after our strict quality control. Here are some pictures of the Midea air-conditioning stores that we have delivered and installed. Please enjoy:

Real View Appreciation

Midea store real shot
Midea store real view
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