Manager’s office (20㎡, 30㎡) solution

The manager's office is a high performance workplace, giving people a higher level of work experience and help them achieve their strategic goals. RIRONG brings the humanized idea into the workplace and help your company get profits quickly.

AOffice desk , file cabient , office chair

Workspace is a powerful tool to achieve your goals. This solution creates a quiet work environment,
can help you quickly enter the work status, solve the problems, and make your company get profits quickly.
BOffice desk , low cabient , office chair

Our tenet is meeting customer’s requirement for office style. The solution is the soft design.
The solution can meet the customer’s individuation requirement. Enhance its pursuit of goals and make the workplace a more valuable asset .
COffice desk , cabinet , office chair , sofa set , conference table

Office furniture and tool can help you succeed. The solution is more diversified.
With the insights based on our research, we place more office furniture and tools in the design of workplaces to help you achieve your goals.
1. The above schemes all are quoted by engineers, and the quotation is available within three months;
2. All products are 1 year warranty;
3. This product board is in line with international environmental testing standards;
4. All program product picture colors are for your reference only, and the color of actual product shall prevail .
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