Leisure area design solution

The office lounge area should be a place where employees can relax while they are at work.
You can rest, entertain, chat, do things that are irrelevant to work.

ARound table + chair

We create a modern space that is concise, clear and natural, and use simple techniques to express the essence of space and convey the connotation of culture.
With an office leisure area full of tension and shifting scenery, employees can get a little relaxation after work.
Size: ɸ800*H740mm
1. Inner structure: environmental MDF .
2. Solid wood leg .
3. Iron frame .
Size: Ø550*620mm or Ø550*870mm
1. Desktop: pine solid wood .
2. Black metal frame .
BCoffee table + sofa

‘"Flexible combination space" and "home office life". The traditional static office mode can no longer supports present innovative enterprises .We hope to provide a truly human comfortable zone .
1. The above schemes all are quoted by engineers, and the quotation is available within three months;
2. All products are 1 year warranty;
3. This product board is in line with international environmental testing standards;
4. All program product picture colors are for your reference only, and the color of actual product shall prevail .
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