We need to prepare the ideal office environment for the staff, to provide them with the most suitable office furniture and equipment.

Introduce : KMY Ceramics is the strength brand of Guangdong Hongwei Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. and specializes in marble tiles, porcelain bricks, modern antique tiles, full-glazed porcelain tiles, polished tiles and glazed tiles. KMY Ceramics is brand-named “Fashion, Exquisite and Vibrant” and has been awarded the “Guangdong Famous Brand”.

KMY has a consistent style for the construction of new offices, so that each employee can quickly and harmoniously integrate into the group, to seize the opportunity of e-commerce market, but also to seize the talent, to add value to the enterprise.

In the e-commerce industry KMY, for the commodity is also the preferred e-commerce platform. In Alibaba's many office furniture suppliers, RIRONG offers products for KMY, thanks to its excellent service and quality products.

*Before contacting with RIRONG, KMY already had layout plan and rough idea. What RIRONG had to do was to redesign it with our standard items and made quotation, modify the furniture setup and budget matching with KMY ’s requirement step by step .

JDZZ office furniture system start from the smalls, exquisite and simple, matching with different interior styles. Desk size , shape and finishes can meet the guests’ continuous development and changing needs.

RIRONG offer KMY from workstation to rectangular conference tables to executive desk to different kinds of chairs.

RIRONG can offer free layout plan and 3D rendering service to give more intuitive effect of the products in the space, And our install team finish the assembling .

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